Dogport academy of dog grooming PCC #110060

At DogPort, we offer a 240 hour all-breed dog grooming course.

This is a highly motivational 6 week program that is full-time.

We train only with dogs and the students learn with the hands-on grooming approach.

A new career in dog grooming is not only fun you can command an income.

We train a maximum of four students per course, this gives our student’s a lot of supervision and attention during their program.

You should be in good physical condition and able to lift up to 40kg of weight.

There are several small weekly tests throughout the course to evaluate your progress; half way through your program is a mid-term examination which includes a written and a practical exam. The final examination is also a written and a practical exam.

A student attending DogPort Academy must have a current tetanus vaccination; this is usually valid for 10 years. Please check with your family doctor or local health unit.

Upon successful completion of this course you will receive a

DogPort Academy Certificate of Completion..


 We are located at

 728 Dundas Street

Woodstock, Ontario.

 Telephone 519-539-6069

School Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30a.m. to  4:30p.m.

 e-mail us at

Please Note: In preparation for the re-opening of our school from the nasty Worldwide COVID-19 Pandemic we have increased the awareness and training to make sure there are proper sanitation and disinfection practices which are current and at the highest industry standards.